Facebook announces improvements to social gaming

Social network extends its mobile reach with app bookmarks, Android brush-up coming too
Kerry Butters

October 12, 2011

In addition to the brand new app for iPad, Facebook have announced that they are extending their mobile platform in order to add “all the social channels that have helped apps and games reach hundreds of millions of users”.

Whilst the features that launched with the iPad app are still under development, Facebook says that they will “evolve as we learn more about building richer social experiences on mobile devices.”

They also say that they will be extending their support for platforms such as Android very soon.

Social channels have been improved so that when a user logs into Facebook via a mobile or iOS device, then app bookmarks will appear on the left navigation bar, just like they do for the main site.

Should the app not be installed on the device, then Facebook will automatically take the user to the App Store to get the mobile version.

Users will also be able to access the mobile version of any supported app from their newsfeed, and continue playing as they were on their computer.

The social media site has also extended Facebook Credits to support mobile web apps, which is a payment system for virtual goods.

“Of the 350 million people who use Facebook from mobile devices every month, roughly half of those users access Facebook through the web and half use native apps,” Facebook stated.

Many of these are social apps that depend on people playing together in order to get the most from the games.

Facebook says they have been working with “leading developers to create great new mobile web apps and we’re just getting started.”

As we reported yesterday, the Facebook for iPad app already has Flixster installed and this can be added to with apps from EA, Zynga, Wooga, The Huffington Post and Audiovroom, amongst others.

The apps can be accessed on your phone or tablet and most are built with HTML5, which works on iOS, Android and other devices.

Developers interested in learning more about HTML5 features and app building may be interested in Facebook’s Mobile Hack event in Silicon Valley on October 28th.


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  1. Lindsey says:

    Good I really want to be able to play my kama kingdom game on my Ipad.

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