Microsoft launches website to educate on browsers

Almost half of net surfers use an out of date browser, so Microsoft decides to take action
Kerry Butters

October 12, 2011

A new website aimed at making consumers more aware of the importance of running an up-to-date browser has just been launched by Microsoft.

In a blog relating to the site, Roger Capriotti explains that the web page has been launched in response to a study which showed that 45% of consumers use an out of date browser.

The biggest threat to home computers is “’socially engineered’ malware targeting outdated software,” according to Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report.

This “equates to about 340 million PCs worldwide” using out of date browsers. Alongside recent figures that have shown many people fail to update their AV software, this is especially worrying.

It is for this reason that Microsoft has teamed up with the Anti-Phishing League, Identity Theft Council and the Online Trust Alliance to help consumers become more aware by the launch of Your Browser Matters.

The site is especially relevant for users to find information on how to protect against phishing attacks.

These are “particularly nefarious because they manipulate people into taking actions, such as downloading software that might harm them by corrupting their PC with a virus, collecting confidential information or stealing files.”

It is thought that attacks of this kind account for around 45% of all malware infections, but this is easily overcome by using a modern browser.

Users visiting the site can immediately see a mark out of four for how secure their browser is.

This means that “browsers that provide better protection against the most common threats – such as socially engineered malware – will receive a higher score.”

“The mission of the Online Trust Alliance is to enhance online trust and confidence. When it comes to online security and privacy, the browser plays an important part in helping to make the internet safer for all users,” said Craig Spiezle from Online Trust Alliance.

“Since our inception, OTA has been a proponent of improving browser security and getting people to move to more secure platforms… More must be done to help educate users on the need to move to more modern browsers and we applaud Microsoft’s leadership and collaboration in this important initiative.”

It is hoped the new site will encourage consumers to check and update their browsing software regularly. However, it is also important that OS updates as well as security products such as antivirus are kept up to date as well.


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