Rim’s BlackBerry woes continue, Lord Sugar not impressed

Service is still down for some in Europe and Africa this morning, and word of outages spreading too
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The BlackBerry saga rumbles on this week into its third day today.

On Monday, BlackBerry services – messaging, email and browsing – went down across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to many complaints and little notification of what was happening from Rim.

Yesterday morning it was reported that the issue was fixed – only it wasn’t in some regions, and then even in Europe things took a turn for the worse again, with some services going back offline.

And today – well, actually late last night – we finally received an explanation of the problem from Rim.

The company tweeted: “Message delays were caused by a core switch failure in RIM’s infrastructure. Now being resolved. Sorry for inconvenience.”

So it was a big hardware failure, as was obvious enough, and Rim admitted there were still message delays from a backlog of unsent communication, and “impaired” browsing functionality.

The BBC seems to think that the issue has been resolved this morning, or so they have been informed by Rim, but just as it was supposed to have been fixed yesterday, it appears some folks still don’t have service.

Another South African reader contacted us two hours ago to say it was the third day of outage there.

And just taking a quick browse on Twitter reveals disgruntled UK customers who still don’t have service.

Georgia Horsley from North Yorkshire tweeted: “Day 3 of the stupid Blackberry not working, I’m getting very very angry! I need my blackberry for work!! arrrrggghhh!”

Alan Sugar has even waded in this morning, tweeting: “In all my years in IT biz, I have never seen such an outage as experienced by Blackberry. I can’t understand why it’s taking so long to fix.”

Lord Sugar also notes that enterprise users have been affected, with potentially serious financial ramifications for lost business. We were previously under the impression that corporate communications weren’t hit.

Indeed, there are tweets regarding outages spreading to other parts of the world, namely the US and Canada.

All in all, it’s really not looking good for Rim – particularly seeing as iOS 5 launches today with iMessage, ahead of the iPhone 4S on Friday.

And there’s plenty of annoyed online chat about dumping BlackBerries for Apples. If all this isn’t sorted today, more of those threats might turn into reality come the end of the week…

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