Airline Tycoon 2 demo available on PC

Can you build a global airline empire? Not in the demo, you can't, but it should give you a feel for the game
Darren Allan

October 13, 2011
Airline Tycoon 2

Fancy owning a fleet of airbuses, planning your long haul routes around the globe, and ensuring your customers have a least the requisite half an inch of spare legroom to the next seat if they’re over six feet tall?

Then you might enjoy the sequel to Airline Tycoon, a management game with tongue-in-cheek humour elements.

Indeed, Kalypso has just pushed out a demo for its comic-themed economic sim, so you can try before you buy. The demo – grab it here – contains three playable missions from the campaign.

Expect not just route planning but a good deal of fiscal juggling, and the ability to customise four different types of aircraft. So maybe you’ll feel sorry for the little guy (or indeed the big guy) and squeeze a bit more leg room out of the economy passenger cabin.

Or if you prefer, you can design funky Lear jets for the super-rich to whizz about in, complete with jacuzzis and snooker tables. Although the latter might not work too well given turbulence, thinking about it.

Kalypso stated: “Airline Tycoon 2 will challenge players to run a modern airline, design unique airplanes and grow a run-down carrier into a globally recognized company that passengers practically beg to fly.”

Of course, it isn’t quite as simple as just building your empire up. Rival firms are played by the computer, and their plans for domination may well put paid to your own. Assuming Kalypso’s AI is up to scratch.

And random events are likely to interfere with your plans, some of which are topical. Ash cloud over Europe, anyone?

Airline Tycoon 2 will be on sale on the PC from tomorrow.


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