Google urges retailers to optimise mobile websites for Xmas

Search engine points to the growing popularity of mobile surfing, and how your site must be streamlined
Kerry Butters

October 13, 2011
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Google say that they are seeing an increasing number of searches carried out from mobile devices every day, which is “fundamentally changing the way people shop.”

With Xmas looming ever closer, Google notes that now is the right time to start thinking about ensuring your ecommerce site is optimised for mobile shopping.

Indeed, it seems that Timberland recently went live with their mobile website in a “matter of days”, powered by Google Commerce Search.

“Our first priority in developing our mobile website was making sure customers had the best experience possible,” Chris Hardisty, director of Timberland Global E-Commerce, said.

“Shoppers today expect fast and relevant results especially on mobile, where speed and interactivity matter most. Since we launched our mobile-optimized website, we have seen mobile sales grow 20 times faster than our desktop site sales.”

As such, Google have announced the launch of their new Google Commerce Search Partner Program.

This will make it easier for website owners to take up Commerce Search to help them achieve “amazing results” in meeting their customers’ needs.

The search giant argues that companies who decide that they need a mobile shopping web or app still need “a powerful search experience” that will enable shoppers to find products and engage with the brand.

One of the most important factors for companies considering entering the mobile shopping fray is to ensure their site is simple and streamlined, so that products can be found quickly.

Customers who find themselves having to search the site or click through a number of pages to get to the content they want will soon go away, and probably to a competitor.

It is also now even more important than ever to ensure you use location on your mobile site. 65% of shoppers say that they have used their mobile in order to find a product locally whilst they are on the move.

Of course, if you provide locations with maps and directions, this may be enough to ensure the customer arrives at the door of your business first.

Ecommerce continues to grow at an astonishing rate and retailers need to take advantage of this in order to promote growth within their company.

Connecting with device users in a variety of ways can help companies to create a strong brand which consumers can trust.

A fast search facility along with a Facebook and Twitter campaign that engages users with fresh and relevant content, all of this adds up to make for a healthy business.

Add a well optimised mobile website and app into the mix and it could be a very happy Xmas for your business this year.


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