Samsung announces 1000 TV Apps, 10 million downloads

Several milestones reached for the manufacturer's smart TV sets
Adam Smith

October 13, 2011
Samsung Smart TV

Samsung has concocted a celebratory YouTube video which declares the latest stats and milestones behind the success of its smart TV sets.

The clip proudly proclaims that there are now over a thousand apps available for download on Samsung TVs.

In November of last year, 1 million apps had been downloaded by Samsung viewers, and that figure increased to 5 million in May of this year. That growth level appears to be speeding up considerably, because Samsung has just reached the 10 million download mark last month.

The very misleading graph displayed in the video makes it look like the speed of downloads has doubled, but in fact, the pace has increased by about a third. Which is still pretty impressive, of course, as more people are evidently keen to get their hands on net connected sets.

The rest of the video goes on to show off some of the available apps which offer recipes, exercise programs and simple games, from fishing to golf.

Some of the bigger name apps on Samsung sets include iPlayer, YouTube, Lovefilm, Skype and Muzu TV.

Samsung recently won the T3 Gadget Awards accolade for best television of 2011, with its Samsung 8000 Series UE55D8000 smart TV.

The company is also due to launch the Nexus Prime phone in partnership with Google imminently, in fact that was supposed to happen this week, but was postponed due to the recent death of Steve Jobs.


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