Google turns over new leaf with privacy awareness project

Search giant cares about your online privacy and promises never to ear-wig your wi-fi network again

October 17, 2011
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Google has teamed up with the Citizens Advice Bureau to launch a campaign aimed at promoting online safety.

Quite how Google feels well placed to lecture the populace about privacy concerns following its StreetView car debacle is anyone’s guess, but they seem to have persuaded the good folks at CAB anyway.

The GoodToKnow website is part of the campaign to encourage users to adopt more secure passwords, log out of web browsers when they’ve finished using them, and increase uptake of ‘two-factor authentication’. Further it will increase awareness of ‘cookies’ in web browsers, cover child protection, and presumably warn users when those cars with the cameras on top come driving up to your house.

The project will be mostly funded by the search giant, which is seeking to get back into the good books of internet authorities following its security breach issues. An advertising campaign will also be initiated to raise awareness.

Gillian Guy, the CAB’s chief executive, said that: “Information’s a powerful tool for preventing problems from arising in the first and safety, personal data and identity theft are among the top concerns of people of using internet”.

Google commented that “the website and advertising campaign aim to empower users to tackle their online security concerns and make more informed decisions about their internet use”.

Communications and Policy Manager Anthony House also said: “Everyone wants to stay safe online, but many people aren’t confident that they know how to.”


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