BBC iPlayer tablet requests up 15%

More tablet users are watching shows on the catch-up service, unsurprisingly
Darren Allan

October 18, 2011

The Beeb has published the latest stats for its iPlayer catch-up TV platform, which cover the month of September.

In total there were 153 million requests for TV and radio programmes made. The usual slight seasonal fall off during the summer meant that was slightly less than the 159 million served in May.

However, some devices continue to experience upward movement in terms of their viewing statistics despite the traditional summer downturn, particularly tablets as more folks take the plunge with a slate.

Some 4.6 million of those 153 million requests came from tablets, which might only be 3% of the total figure, but that has grown some 15% from August when 4 million requests were from slate users.

The majority of the requests, 65%, came from computers, with 15% from Virgin cable customers. 6% were from mobile users, and 5% from games consoles – the latter number will be set to expand with iPlayer support finally coming to the Xbox.

In total there were 90 million TV requests, 40 million for radio programmes, and 23 million from Virgin cable folks.

The most popular programmes were Doctor Who, Outnumbered and Waterloo Road, with Doctor Who episodes taking four of the top five most watched slots in December (and one episode of Outnumbered managing number three).

In September, the average iPlayer user requested four TV programmes and on average watched 70 minutes of content. For radio shows, the average listening time was 145 minutes (over five programmes).

The BBC called the viewer profile consistent with previous months, with a fairly even male to female ratio, but in terms of age, most users are under 55.


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