Sony PlayStation Vita gets European release date

The next-gen handheld is coming to the UK late February next year
Adam Smith

October 19, 2011
PlayStation Vita

Sony has finally got around to pin-pointing when its next-gen handheld will become available to purchase in Europe and the US.

Previously the firm had announced it would be out in Japan just prior to Christmas, and simply said that the rest of the world would have to wait until the new year.

However, Sony has now confirmed the date to mark in your calendar should you be interested in some Vita action, and that date is February 22nd.

So you won’t have to wait too long into 2012 before getting Vita’ed up. The bad news is it’ll cost you, with Sony confirming the price for the basic wi-fi flavour of the handheld as £230, the same as Nintendo’s initial RRP for the 3DS.

That was before some major price slashing this summer, and the 3DS can now be had for £130. Exactly how the PS Vita will compete unless it’s pitched considerably below its retail price is uncertain.

That said, the PS Vita does pack some hardware into its gaming shell.

It boasts a nippy quad-core processor, slick 5 inch OLED display, a multi-touch pad, motion sensors, twin cameras and integrated GPS.

Sony is also making an effort to ensure the Vita is accessible, making the device region free, and compatible with the PSP when it comes to multiplayer gaming. The company has certainly thought about the implementation of this latest piece of gaming hardware.

It isn’t just competition from the 3DS Sony has to worry about, though. There’s also the small matter of the growing popularity of smartphones and gaming on these handsets which threatens handheld consoles.

Which leaves us feeling that despite innovations, the PS Vita could struggle, particularly at a more expensive price point.

At least the 3DS feels like a more budget purchase now, compared to the majority of smartphones which still take quite a chunk from the consumer’s wallet.


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