Freeview HDTV guide out on iPad and Android

Apple tablet and Android device owners can now enjoy the HDTV guide's recommendations
Darren Allan

October 20, 2011
iPad 2

Freeview has announced that it’s pushing its enhanced Freeview HDTV guide app out to Android smartphones.

And it’s also landing the app on the iPad, over a year after its initial launch on the iPhone in the summer of 2010.

Since it was brought out on Apple’s smartphone, Freeview claims the app has been very popular. So Lord knows why it took them quite so long to spill the iPad version, or indeed the Android one.

Anyway, it’s here now, and you grab the free app from iTunes or the Android Market.

The upgraded version provides a full grid view of the TV guide, with access to an interactive timeline of all channels to enable the planing of your viewing in advance. Content is also downloaded, so you can now view the schedule offline even when you don’t have access to the internet on your mobile.

The app presents “top picks”, highlighted programmes which are recommended. By highlighting your favourite shows to the app, the software learns your tastes and makes targeted recommendations.

Users can also recommend their favourite shows to others via social network integration. You can send viewing suggestions via Twitter, Facebook or just plain email.

A new trending feature has also been introduced, so users can see the most talked about shows on Twitter.

Finally, Freeview notes there’s an on-board calendar to set up reminders, so users won’t ever miss their must-watch programmes.

Adrian Mack, New Media Manager at Freeview, commented: “Freeview aims to offer the best subscription-free TV service possible and the upgrade of our Freeview HD TV Guide app underlines this.”

“We want as many of our viewers to be able to benefit from the new features, with the Android and tablet market opening doors to an even wider audience – as well as offering new features such as the personalised recommendations to new and existing users.”

The app has been downloded 150,000 times on the iPhone to date.


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