Gamestop offers Modern Warfare 3 for 99p with Battlefield 3 trade-in

Trade-in deal effectively allows you to rent BF3 for 3 weeks and then pick up MW3 cheaper
Adam Smith

October 21, 2011

Gamestop is offering a package deal on the two big shooters of this autumn, EA’s Battlefield 3 and Activision’s Modern Warfare 3. Although you can’t keep both (not if you want the deal, that is).

The offer is slightly convoluted, but using it you could bag a copy of BF3, and then trade it in for Modern Warfare 3 when it comes out, with a total outlay of £38 – a few quid cheaper than the Call of Duty game is priced at Gamestop, anyway.

Here’s the more detailed breakdown. First of all, you need to pre-order a console version of Battlefield 3 from Gamestop before the game’s release a week today.

Then you also need to order Modern Warfare 3 before its release on November 8th.

Along with your copy of Battlefield 3, you’ll get a pre-paid envelope. If you send BF3 back in that envelope to reach Gamestop by November 18tth, they’ll credit you with the cost of MW3 back, but minus 99p.

So essentially for £38 (well, actually a few pence under) you’ll get to play Battlefield 3 for close to three weeks, and then swap it out for Modern Warfare 3.

We guess it’s a chance for MW3 fanatics to give Battlefield a go, and see if it’s to their tastes. If it is, they can then keep the game and get the Call of Duty title as well. If it isn’t, they can trade it.

And that could mean quite a lot of pre-owned copies of BF3 on sale by mid-November, which might hurt EA’s numbers a little later on. Of course, Battlefield will have an online pass, so the company will still make some money back there from folks who want multiplayer on a second-hand copy.

And they’ll likely make more BF3 sales initially now gamers have the chance to effectively rent the title for three weeks for a slight saving on MW3.

There’s one small problem with the deal, currently, that being that Gamestop has “sold out” of reserved copies of Battlefield 3, so the retailer’s website indicates. More stock is due Monday, apparently, so you should be able to reserve a copy then.

Expect other retailers to follow with their own deals.


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