Xbox 720 coming in 2013

Despite whispers of next year as a possible launch, it's much more likely to be 2013
Darren Allan

October 24, 2011

More rumours about the next-gen Xbox, or Xbox 720 as many have dubbed it, have been spilling forth.

At the beginning of the month we heard the X720 would be out in 2013 – although further whispers emerged that it might actually be launched next year.

The latest salvo of speculation brought forth by Develop is again pinning the launch on 2013, with an E3 reveal followed by the launch in time for Christmas being a likely scenario. That’s where our money has always been.

Games development for the console is certainly underway, and as we’ve previously reported, work has allegedly already been started on Forza 5, Fable 4, Alan Wake 2 and Saints Row 4.

Alan Wake 2 is certainly a welcome sight amongst the obvious titles there, but the grapevine is also mentioning a few more games which are in the works for the Xbox 720.

Namely Condemned 3 and Crackdown 3, interestingly, along with the next instalment in the Batman franchise (which has just witnessed the release of Arkham City to massive critical acclaim).

With all these rumours coming out on the Xbox front this month, Sony hasn’t been entirely quiet either.

The company is, of course, working on the PS4, although it will again come later to the market than the Xbox 720.

Again according to Develop, work has started on the initial (first-party) games, but everything is still in the very early stages. It’ll likely be a 2014 launch, probably lagging behind Microsoft by a year as Sony did with the PS3.

What’s your biggest wish for the next Xbox? We’d imagine it will be backwards compatible with the X360 and Kinect, of course, and we’d very much appreciate Microsoft taking the time to ensure the hardware doesn’t have a serious problem with ‘red ring of death’ this time around.

Let’s hope that it isn’t the case that a rush to market compromises the technical and build quality side of the console.


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