Microsoft envisions technology in 2020

The future will involve voice, touch and holographic displays, naturally
Darren Allan
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Microsoft Future Vision

Microsoft is looking to the future – as is every company in the world, of course.

But unlike most, Microsoft has put together a video to show how life might be around the year 2020, or possibly slightly even before that.

The “future vision” concept video was highlighted by Kurt DelBene, the President of Microsoft’s Office division, on the official company blog.

He explains: “The video shows our vision for a future where technology extends and highlights our productive capabilities; it helps us manage our time better, focus our attention on the most important things, and foster meaningful connections with the people we care about.”

He also notes that all of the ideas shown in the footage are based on real technology that exists today.

For example, speech recognition and translation. At the start of the video, a businesswoman is shown in South Africa, donning a pair of glasses which then translate the foreign language so she can understand it.

We already have applications on phones which can interpret a local’s speech, translate it into the tourist’s language, and then vice versa to enable a conversation.

Of course, the glasses shown in the short film are far slicker than this. Other high tech gadgets in the clip include ultra-thin mobiles which are all display with 3D capabilities, and super-slick interfaces which extend to the surrounding environment such as the taxi’s windows.

And naturally there are fancy holographic displays, it wouldn’t be the future without them, would it?

Take a look at the full piece yourself on YouTube here. As one commenter on the video mentions, only one thing is missing from this typical vision of the future: zombies. And lots of them.

DelBene notes that the obvious strengths of the future will be the cloud, with all data linked up to all devices, in all locations, and the easier collaboration between colleagues working remotely on projects.

Voice, touch and clean, seamless UIs will be a big part of all this, and we’re sure there’s a good deal of truth to that.

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