Firefox now with added Bing

Microsoft and Mozilla team up with their search engine and browser

October 28, 2011

Mozilla and Microsoft have teamed up to produce a version of the Firefox browser with integrated Bing search.

Yes, you read that right. The customised version of Firefox is now available, with Bing as the default search engine in the search box, and AwesomeBar making the default home page

You can grab it here. Those who surf already running Firefox can install the Bing Search for Firefox add-on, of course.

Mozilla announced the change on its blog page, stating: “Offering Firefox with Bing extends the partnership Mozilla and Microsoft announced last year.”

The firm also noted: “There are nearly 20 customized versions of Firefox distributed globally by partners including Bing, United Internet, Twitter, Yahoo! and Yandex.”

So, Firefox with Bing then, unusual bedfellows? Certainly on the face of it, given that Internet Explorer has been losing market share to Firefox for some time now.

Although admittedly of late Chrome has taken over pinching IE surfers with Firefox levelling off.

The truth is that the web browser isn’t quite as important to Microsoft as it used to be. Bing, and pushing it up to rival Google – if possible – is where the company’s online division is now focused to a major degree.

Because the search engine and related data and advertising is where the real money is online.

And getting Bing integrated into Firefox will bring the search engine more users, it’s as simple as that. Whether it helps Firefox achieve more downloads is a secondary concern, it would seem.

Besides, as we’ve said, it’s Chrome which is doing the damage to Internet Explorer’s user base, anyway. It’s a tad unlikely we’ll see a Chrome-Bing partnership until the devil is forced to start wearing a scarf and parka…


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