Apple investigating iPhone 4S battery issues

Standby battery life is shorter, and well down on some handsets
Darren Allan

October 31, 2011
iPhone 4S

So, the iPhone 4S launch went without a hitch. It sold 4 million over its opening weekend, with no major issues such as the iPhone 4 which was hampered by its reception problems and so-called “antennagate”.

Not exactly. In fact, some folks have been reporting problems with their shiny new 4S, and not just here in the UK where Siri is struggling with the likes of Newcastle or Glaswegian accents.

Some early observations indicated that the battery life of the 4S wasn’t as strong as the previous iPhone, and indeed there would appear to be an issue with some folks’ handsets which Apple is now investigating.

This specifically relates to the available standby time, which is only two-thirds of what was available on the iPhone 4, a fact Apple rather tried to brush under the carpet at the smartphone’s launch.

According to a report in the Guardian, some iPhone 4S owners have been contacted directly by Apple engineers to facilitate the installation of monitoring software on their phones to diagnose the exact nature of the battery chomping fault.

iPhone forums have been busy with people complaining about such issues, some of whom are blaming corrupted contact lists, and the Guardian is now pointing to a bug in location services being the problem.

Others are blaming iOS 5 rather than the hardware itself, although that’s a theory many dispute. Whichever way you look at it, there are plenty of fingers of suspicion being waved around.

Apple hasn’t officially acknowledged that there’s a problem yet, so we’ll have to see when some sort of announcement is forthcoming. Or indeed if, rather than when…


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