Nokia fires up free London wi-fi

26 trial hot-spots coming which will be active until the end of the year
Adam Smith

November 1, 2011

Nokia has rolled out a trial in conjunction with provider Spectrum Interactive to deploy free wi-fi access in London.

The gratis wi-fi will be available in 26 locations across the capital, and comes alongside the launch of Nokia’s latest great smartphone hope, the first Lumia Windows Phone 7 handset.

Anyone will be able to access the networks providing they’re in the near vicinity of one of the 20 plus hot-spots, of course. These will be located in popular areas such as Oxford Street, Mayfair, Marylebone, Tottenham Court and other famous parts of the Monopoly board.

No details are required to be entered for access, but the user will have to accept Nokia’s terms and conditions before they can get surfing.

Once online, each wi-fi hot-spot is capable of providing up to 20Mbps speeds, although individual surfers will be restricted to 1Mbps maximum to attempt to share the browsing wealth.

And of course if a lot of loiterers are stood about attempting to access tourist information or train times, the connection might be slower than that.

Still, at least you won’t have to pay a penny in comparison to 3G.

The trial starts today and will run until the end of 2011, so the extra wi-fi will be available for Christmas shopping, no matter how late you leave it this year.

Greater wi-fi coverage seems destined to come to the capital along with the Olympics in 2012, with a government scheme in place to deliver more wi-fi hotspots, and Virgin Media also planning on deploying its own nodes.

And of course BT Openzone is already available in the city, and potentially Nokia if this trial goes well enough.


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