Freeview HD devices top 3 million

90% of those devices are HDTVs as opposed to set-top boxes
Darren Allan

November 2, 2011
Freeview HD

Freeview has announced that it has now officially sold more than 3 million Freeview HD devices.

That means there are now 18 million homes across the UK which use Freeview, and 10.2 million of these have it connected on their primary TV set. Of those, some 1.75 million have an HD capable device, meaning nearly one in five are hooked up to the high-definition variant.

There are 3.1 million Freeview enabled HDTVs and HD boxes in total in the UK, with 90% of those HD capable devices being of the TV variety.

Ilse Howling, Managing Director of Freeview, commented: “ Breaking through the three million sales barrier is huge achievement for Freeview HD… Our focus now is to ensure we continue to develop and give viewers what they want over the next 10 years, post-switchover and beyond.”

“We’re seeing a shift in what viewers want from their TV provider. The ability to access high definition has become something people expect as normal when buying a new television. Also, most Freeview HDTVs and some Freeview+ HD recorders now offer smart features giving viewers access to more entertainment such as BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Facebook.”

Freeview reckons that 80% of the country can now receive its HD service, and this will increase to 100% when the DSO is completed in a year.

There are currently four Freeview HD channels – BBC One HD, The BBC HD Channel, ITV1 HD and Channel 4 HD (with regional variations).

A fifth channel is coming next spring and as Channel 5 was reportedly the only applicant for that last month, it would seem that Channel 5 HD is pretty much a given for 2012.

In total, some 70 million Freeview devices have been sold since the launch of the service back in 2002.


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