Gmail redesign ready to roll

A new streamlined inbox, HD themes and more powerful search function are on the way
Darren Allan

November 2, 2011
Google Logo

Google has announced that it’s about to revamp Gmail with a new and more streamlined appearance.

The redesign will be rolling out to the webmail service this week, following Google’s tinkering with its Reader service, with the work on that going live today.

So what’s different about the new Gmail? The UI for starters, which has been reconstructed to be cleaner looking and more streamlined. And more white.

The theme is more space in general, although the density parameter can be adjusted under settings if you prefer a busier looking inbox with more crammed onto one screen.

It’s also possible to fiddle with the layout of the inbox, so you can make more room for chat on the side panel, or have more space dedicated to displaying your folders if you’d rather.

Conversations – email threads – have also been rejigged to make them easier to read over, and profile pictures have been added next to names for visual cues regarding who’s saying what.

An extra aesthetic gloss has also been applied with the addition of new HD themes.

Finally, Google has implemented a new advanced search panel to allow more finely tuned inbox sifting. You can now specify multiple fields and as well as basic terms it’s possible to search via date and/or whether an email has an attachment.

Google states: “We’re excited to finally share Gmail’s new look with you. We’ll be bringing these changes to everyone soon, but if you’d like to make the switch right away, we’re rolling out a Switch to the new look link in the bottom-right of Gmail over the next few days.”

So keep your eyes peeled for that link which should be arriving later this week.


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