Google Adwords Express arrives in UK

Easy to use with a sign-up process that can be completed in five minutes
Kerry Butters

November 2, 2011
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The arrival of Google Adwords Express in the UK could make online advertising more straightforward for companies in Britain and Europe, according to QueryClick.

Google announced at the end of last month that they were bringing the service to Germany and the UK, which aims to make it easier for companies to begin online campaigns without technical knowledge.

The sign-up process involves a few business related questions and can be completed in around five minutes.

The service was initially launched in the US last year and is proving to be a success with local businesses.

In the UK, QueryClick claims it will help “local businesses to kick start and run a paid online advertising campaign”, helping them to gain and maintain a better online presence.

Christopher Liversidge, QueryClick’s Managing Director comments: “AdWords Express has been designed and created for businesses that don’t already use AdWords to help them become more visible online, and therefore attract more customers.”

“Because Google is aware that using a new product like AdWords can be quite intimidating the very first time, they have specially created AdWords Express to be not only very easy to use but also very simple and quick to set up for the first time too.”

Businesses need only provide basic information and can create ads using their own words, he went on to explain.

Adwords can then calculate which searches trigger the ad to appear, and target people who have been searching for products relevant to the company.

Ads will also be shown on Google Maps via the familiar blue pin so that users can see where a business is situated before proceeding to the website.

“What’s really good about AdWords Express is that it allows people to create really specific ads, such as product specific and location specific, which means people in a certain area of the UK and Germany will be able to find you quicker and more easily,” Liversidge continued.

“So, for instance, if a webmaster of a toy shop in Manchester signs up to AdWords Express, they will appear whenever a user searches for ‘toy shops in Manchester’ or if they’re already in Manchester, then if they search for ‘toys’ that ad will then appear, which means that search becomes easier for both the consumer and the webmaster.”

Once a company has signed up to Adwords Express, their advertising campaign is managed automatically.

Ads will be displayed across a variety of platforms, including mobile devices and tablets.

As is the case with all Google ad products, businesses only pay when a potential customer clicks on the advertisement.

Ads are optimised in order to gain the most out of both the campaign and the company advertising budget.

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