PS3 nears Xbox in global sales

Not much more than a million between them according to the latest figures
Darren Allan

November 2, 2011

The PS3 is on the verge of catching up to the Xbox 360 in terms of worldwide sales.

Which is no mean feat given that the Xbox had a head-start of a year, launching in November/December 2005 when the PS3 blasted off in November the following year (actually March 2007 in this country).

According to industry trade mag MCV, Sony’s latest figures show it has shifted 56 million PS3s.

Microsoft’s numbers for last month pegged the Xbox at a total of 57.3 million sales.

There are a number of reasons for the PS3 slowly clawing the gap back, the recent price cut being a stimulating factor for sure.

There’s also the emergence of the PS3 as the clear leader when it comes to entertainment, with the likes of Lovefilm and iPlayer on offer. However, these are finally due to arrive on the Xbox – although Blu-ray playing capabilities won’t.

Furthermore, it seems that there’s a perception that Kinect has hurt the X360’s core gaming appeal in some manner, slanted too much towards families and casual players.

Having said that, more core Kinect games are due. The Xbox also provides a superior online gaming platform, albeit one you have to pay for. Sony’s massive PSN debacle earlier this year doesn’t seem to have harmed its prospects too much, though.

Might we see an Xbox price cut coming? It would certainly seem a sensible move for MS to make given the closing gap, although the company may be anticipating more Kinect Christmas sales driven by the prospect of motion controlled Star Wars in the new year.

The force-flinging game was supposed to launch at Xmas, but has been put back due to more work being needed on refining the controls.


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