Improved security features for Facebook

App passwords and password recovery tool add to security measures
Kerry Butters

November 8, 2011

Facebook have announced improved security features which they say they will be testing in the coming weeks.

October was the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month across the water and the social media giant has been heavily involved in the campaign, holding a number of talks and workshops.

They have been “working with others in the community to help educate people about techniques and tools for securing […] networks and devices,” apparently.

As far as security on the hugely popular social networking site goes, developers have released new features and want to remind their 800 million users that there are many tools to help keep them secure.

A new tool, designed to help when a user finds themselves locked out of their account, uses trusted friends to help them recover control.

Users can select between three and five trusted friends who Facebook can send codes to, so that they can then pass the information back to the user, enabling them to re-access their account.

Also new is the app passwords feature. Whilst there are already many applications that users may want to access using their Facebook credentials, this gives the opportunity to login using app passwords.

When logging into an application, users can generate a one-off password and use it to login to a third party app, doing away with the need for the app to have your Facebook password.

Facebook say that they have introduced a number of new security tools over the past few years and have developed back-end systems designed to keep user data secure.

Whilst the social media site say that they have already made the site a safer environment, they also recognise that there is always more work to be done on security issues.

“We are adapting and responding to new threats everyday and will continue to roll out new ways to protect your account. Be on the lookout for more announcements throughout the rest of this year, and remember to stay vigilant while online and remind others to do the same,” Facebook said.

For a more detailed look at how Facebook security is implemented, check out their infographic.


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