Microsoft chases Huawei on patents

MS continues its Android money-extracting campaign...

November 8, 2011
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Apple has been making much of the legal headlines lately when it comes to firing patent lawsuits at all and sundry in an effort to ban devices.

Although Microsoft is also targeting the world of Android with its patents, albeit in a more stealthy and subtle manner, but equally achieving some success as has Apple.

Thus far, Microsoft has extracted royalty deals from the likes of Samsung and HTC.

And now Huawei, the company in the midst of a global expansion – aiming to capture 5% of the UK smartphone market by the end of next year – is being hassled by the big MS.

According to the Guardian, the chief marketing officer at Huawei, Victor Xu, has admitted that Microsoft has already been in touch with the company regarding coming to a licensing deal over patents and Android.

Although he also noted that Huawei has 65,000 patents of its own which it isn’t afraid of using to defend itself.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s planned devices are ready to hit the UK, and in fact have now been priced up in some cases.

The Huawei MediaPad tablet, a 7 inch affair with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and not inconsiderable all-round spec, is set to be pitched at £330 for the basic wi-fi version, a fairly competitive price compared to the iPad. (That’s according to Computerworld UK).

Although competition such as the Kindle Fire is now on the horizon, and along with the likes of price cut BlackBerry PlayBooks, it seems that the budget tablet market will soon be truly motoring.

How much of a dent that’ll put in Apple’s domination of the slate scene we shall have to see.


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