Gotham City Imposters arrives Jan 10th

Open beta starts in December if you're lucky enough to be selected

November 10, 2011
Gotham City Imposters

A release date has been announced for the Gotham City Imposters game.

And the Warner Bros title will be arriving early next year, on January 10th, on Xbox Live, PSN and Windows platforms.

It’s a download only game, so will be on Steam and other digital stores when it comes to the PC.

If you can’t wait until January, the good news is that you can have a crack at applying for the open beta which takes place in December on PS3 and Xbox.

You can sign up at the official website here, but bear in mind even though this is an open beta, there are a limited amount of codes available so it won’t be open to everyone. We suggest you get over to the site and tap in your details sharpish if you’re serious about wanting to test out Imposters.

So what’s Gotham City Imposters about? It’s an online multiplayer team-based shooter where two teams of Batman and Joker characters – imposters dressed up like the hero or villain – try to take each other out with a variety of weird and wonderful weaponry.

Or “unconventional urbane warfare”, as Warner Bros puts it, with each player able to personalise their own Batman-or-Joker-alike with many different costumes, crazy gadgets and so forth.

The game will apparently feature maps and play modes inspired by DC Comics’ Batman license, so it sounds good in theory. But the “wackiness” factor could be its undoing if it’s all a bit much, who knows.

Still, as a download only title it should be pretty affordable – particularly if you can wait for Steam discounts to kick in – so it shouldn’t be too expensive to give it a whirl.

Either that, or get applying for that beta and test the waters pre-Christmas.


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