BT says UK will top European fibre table

All aboard the high speed net express in 2015, it would seem

November 11, 2011

BT believes that the UK will have the best broadband in Europe by 2015, as the government has laid out as a target.

Although we thought that was a target they’d quietly let drop a little while ago, preferring to concentrate on the milestone of getting the entire UK hooked up to at least 2Mbps broadband by 2015.

In other words, getting access out to those most remote parts of the country which still rely on stone age connections.

At any rate, BT reckons the best in Europe trophy is attainable in 2015, if not very shortly after – although we’re not so sure ourselves.

It’s a pretty big ask for three years time, particularly when you consider that nations who are well ahead of us in terms of average speeds at the moment are hardly going to be standing still in their infrastructure development.

According to an article in the Telegraph, Sean Williams, Group Director of Strategy Policy for BT, told the Westminster eForum event that: “We will be top of the major league, certainly if not by 2015 then by very soon after.”

He also noted that “technology is currently moving faster than consumer demand”, which is something Ofcom has also observed this week.

Where Virgin and BT have rolled out super chunky lines, the take up has been something of a concern according to Ofcom.

Although BT reckons the picture isn’t as bleak as Ofcom seems to suggest, and that where speeds of 24Mbps were available, half of customers in the area went on to subscribe.

Although that presumably includes ADSL2+ lines, not the current super-fast roll out of 40Mbps/100Mbps (with the 40Mbps FTTC to be jacked up to 80Mbps next spring – these are the the truly quick broadband lines).

Virgin’s super-fast roll out is apparently ahead of schedule and BT’s is moving along nicely too, but we remain cynical about the best in Europe target still. But then, we remain cynical about all government targets…


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