Sony promises “different” kind of TV

CEO Stringer hints at what might be in the pipeline, but leaves us guessing
Darren Allan

November 12, 2011

Sony is planning a type of TV set which is going to be very different from its current offerings, apparently.

How so? Well CEO Howard Stringer didn’t make that clear when he talked to the Wall Street Journal over breakfast, but he did say that TV manufacturers were currently engaged in a cut-throat market.

And that new TV technology was something which Sony had in the pipeline to differentiate itself from the current all too similar range of offerings across the board.

Stringer said: “There’s a tremendous amount of R&D going into a different kind of TV set”, refusing to get drawn into any discussion on exactly what that may be.

Although he did give a hint when he gave a nod to Apple and the late Steve Jobs, who was determined to find a way to revolutionise TV viewing.

“That’s what we’re all looking for,” he added. “We can’t continue selling TV sets [the way we have been]. Every TV set we all make loses money.”

Which is why Sony has been in such a hole regarding its profits of late, or the major reason, due to the need to cut prices or risk cheaper priced rivals driving down its TV sales.

The mention of Apple is interesting, as some sources such as the Register have speculated that perhaps the Cupertino company is looking at some sort of voice controlled television using Siri developed tech.

Perhaps Sony has a similar idea in mind, although a voice controlled EPG and recording system could prove a handful to implement successfully.

What Stringer clearly wants to do is unify Sony’s consumer tech, from the PlayStation through its new tablets, laptops, smartphones (now Ericsson is to be bought out) and TVs to make an overall experience which encourages consumers to stick with the brand across all electronic devices.

Much like Microsoft is doing with Windows 8, tablets, smartphones and Xbox Live.

It’s a shame he couldn’t have dropped more of a hint about exactly what is in the R&D works regarding this specific new set, but we guess the fact that it’s now being talked about means an announcement isn’t that far off. Perhaps at CES in January?


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  1. ic says:

    It would be handy if firms like Sony, Panasonic and Apple would stop shackling their products so we can move media between them without concern for which formats are allowed to move and which are blocked for corporate reasons..

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