Facebook “Buffy” phone coming from HTC

Will the social network finally launch its own brand smartphone via HTC?
Darren Allan

November 22, 2011

Rumours abounded last year that Facebook was going to produce its own branded smartphone.

Mark Zuckerberg denied this was the case, and indeed that turned out to be the truth – although that doesn’t mean the social network hasn’t changed its mind in the meantime.

Of course, we’ve already seen phones from the likes of HTC with dedicated Facebook buttons on the hardware, but an actual fully fledged Facebook phone could be in the pipeline according to the latest rumours from All Things D.

Facebook and HTC are putting their heads together to produce a handset which is currently codenamed “Buffy” after the famous vampire slayer (remember her, the one before Twilight came along…).

This will be a fully realised Facebook phone, it would seem, with not just an integrated app but the entire smartphone running a heavily modified version of Android which will offer all of the social network’s services at the core of its UI.

A bit like what Amazon has done with the Kindle Fire tablet and Android, basically.

Although this handset won’t be pitching up any time soon, as All Things D reckons that Facebook has literally only just picked HTC as the partner on this project (over Samsung, although the latter is currently building Nexus phones for Google of course, which may have had something to do with it).

Neither HTC or Facebook would comment on the rumour when pressed, which isn’t surprising given the early stage all this is at.

The Buffy phone could well be on the drawing board, but may remain there. It won’t likely see a launch until the year after next, anyway, so Facebook fanatics will have to wait some time for their perfect phone if indeed it’s ever produced.


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