Xbox 360 dash update coming Dec 6th

Brings with it universal Kinect support across the dashboard, iPlayer and Bing voice search
Darren Allan

November 22, 2011

Microsoft has announced when the much awaited updated dashboard will be made available to Xbox 360 owners.

And that date is December 6th, a fortnight today in fact.

The new dash brings a number of goodies with it, including a completely refreshed interface which boasts universal support for Kinect navigation (currently the motion controller only works within the Kinect hub interface).

A cleaner and more streamlined look is the goal overall, improving on the current scrolling-many-windowed UI which, let’s face it, isn’t ideal.

The new dashboard is also designed with Windows Phone 7 and indeed Windows 8 in mind, Microsoft clearly working towards its stated goal of unifying its software across computers, tablets, consoles and smartphones.

However, probably the change we’re most looking forward to is the integration of new entertainment services with the Xbox.

Namely Lovefilm, 4oD (Channel 4) and the Beeb’s iPlayer catch-up TV service are winging their way to the console.

YouTube support is also promised, along with more Kinect goodies in terms of expanded voice recognition. Indeed Bing voice search is incorporated, which looks pretty smart, and can search across all mediums such as the net, on-demand video services and your own Xbox hard disk.

Other new additions including beacons, which can be used to flag up a game you’d like to play with your mates (notifying them on other platforms such as Facebook), and also cloud storage for your profile, saves and suchlike.

There’s just two weeks to wait, although we must admit we tend to give it an extra few days to see the community’s reaction, and whether anyone has any problems installing when it comes to these dashboard upgrades.


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