Swedes switch on 120Gbps connection

The fastest net connection in the world at the DreamHack festival
Darren Allan

November 24, 2011

The UK will, allegedly, be top of the broadband table in Europe come 2015, just a few years time. Or that’s where the government is apparently aiming.

But despite the progress being made on Virgin and BT’s 100Mbps super-fast roll out, we’re well behind certain other European countries such as the Dutch and Scandinavians to name a few.

And while British companies are trialling pretty nippy 1Gbps connections, the Swedes have blown this – and even the South Koreans – out of the water with what’s claimed to be the fastest net connection in the world.

The 120Gbps pipe is going live at DreamHack over in Sweden around about now, and quite frankly, that sort of speed is, well, almost ridiculous.

DreamHack is a large scale digital festival with around 20,000 people expected to attend, all of whom will be able to get on this pipe, with the aim being to “beat the world record in capacity utilization in the network”. And to get some pretty tasty frags with an extremely low ping.

50 Cisco and Telia staff put together this monster 120Gbps affair which has been under development for a year or so.

The connection runs from Stockholm to Jonkoping (the festival site), around 300km in length, and will allow the entire population of Stockholm to stream music simultaneously with no sweat.

Alternatively, it can download a full movie in 47 thousandths of a second, the blink of an eye.

Cisco provided the hardware, including two CRS-3 routers, Telia the fibre network, and the gamers will doubtless provide the drool when they get playing on this connection.


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