Apple sees iPhone 4S sales spike

Sales figures are up strongly, predictably enough, for the 4S launch month
Darren Allan

November 29, 2011
iPhone 4S

In news which won’t come as a surprise to anyone – not given the fact that it shifted 4 million units across the globe on its opening weekend – the iPhone 4S has upped Apple’s UK sales figures considerably for the month of October.

This is according to the latest estimations from Kantar ComTech for the UK market, which show Android slipping slightly in October – though clearly maintaining its lead – with Apple making big gains.

In the three months leading up to the start of October, Android held exactly half the UK smartphone market, well, 49.9% of it.

The iPhone actually trailed Rim, as sales of Apple’s smartphone slowed due to people waiting for the 4S to emerge. Rim’s market share was 22.5%, with iOS just behind on 18.5%.

Compare that to the quarter running up to the end of October, after the iPhone 4S had launched mid-month, and the picture changes dramatically.

The iPhone held a 27.8% market share (remember this is for three months, with the 4S sales only affecting the last couple of weeks and causing a major spike). Rim dropped to 19.6%.

Android also shed a few percentage points to Apple, but stayed clearly at the top of the UK smartphone league on 46%.

Of course, a new iPhone always causes a major sales spike (and a slowdown beforehand), and equally for Android you could argue that October saw a slowdown as folks waited for the next version of the OS – Ice Cream Sandwich – and the Galaxy Nexus.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that the iPhone 4S has obviously had a very successful launch, but it will be more telling to see the numbers early next year.

There’s no good news for Windows Phone 7 either, as sales leading up to November remained flat. In fact, for the quarter running to the end of October WP7 only held a 1% market share.

Of course, that’s before the Lumia 800 and Nokia/MS deal, which should see WP7 pick up some pace and finally record a palatable market share.

Speaking of Nokia, Symbian also fell to 3.9%, with the OS now dwindling away to next to nothing. At the same time last year it was on a 14% share.


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