Pee-controlled urinal gaming arrives

Are they taking the mick, or what?
Darren Allan

November 29, 2011
Captive Media Urinal

A bar in Balham, South London, has brought gaming to the gents toilet in the sort of invention we’re more used to seeing in Japan.

Developed by Captive Media, the Exhibit bar has installed 12 inch LCD displays above each urinal. These show adverts to approaching men, and switch to a game when they start to relieve themselves (the men, not the adverts).

One game offered is skiing, with the controls to turn left or right implemented via the direction of the stream of urine. The direction is detected by infra-red sensors.

Although we can’t help thinking that peeing to the left and right, particularly when inebriated, is likely to lead to some considerable spillage. Just mind the bloke to the left of you’s shoes, particularly if he’s six foot five.

We’re also betting that spectacularly drunk patrons will attempt to turn the snow yellow, if they can reach the display, that is.

Other games include a pub quiz whereby you choose the answers in a similar left or right fashion.

The pub benefits from the takings of adverts which can also be positioned in-game as well as pre and post-game, and the patron benefits from some entertainment while nature’s call is being answered. They can also post high scores to Twitter and a leaderboard.

One of the creators, Mark Melford, commented: “It is different to many other emerging ‘Digital out of Home’ media because it’s interactive, allowing brands to really engage in a fun and memorable way.”

“It’s clear from the trials that guys all talk to each other about their scores and what they’ve seen. Captive Media brings the social dimension to Digital out of Home Media.”

Next up, no doubt, are games for the toilet cubicles – perhaps some sort of bombing run simulator would be a good place to start. Or maybe not.


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