Super Ball Escape free on iPhone

Challenging tilt-based maze game is now free to download
Adam Smith
Adam Smith -

Playlithium has announced that its ball rolling game, Super Ball Escape, will be free to download on the App Store today.

The iPhone game normally costs a couple of quid, and is only free today, so if you want to bag a new slice of mobile gaming for nothing best zip along now and get it downloaded.

Super Ball Escape is an arcade-style game which challenges the player to roll a robot ball out of a series of maze-like levels using the iPhone’s tilt controls.

Enemy robots patrol the corridors of the corporate office you need to escape from, whose line of sight must be avoided.

You can stealth away from these, or use unlocked powers to deal with them. Abilities which can be unlocked include shock waves and freeze rays, as well as camouflage, and increased health for when you do get zapped.

Aside from the robots, there are plenty of environmental hazards, such as narrow walkways which must be navigated with extreme rolling precision, and various traps.

Playlithium notes: “Keep in mind a sound and balanced approach is the best way to get through this adventure. Taking place at hundreds of meters above the cityscape, you’ll have to deal with the constant risk of falling to your death.”

“Super Ball Escape is a highly addictive game which requires you to exercise your tilt control skills with smart strategic thinking.”

The game is currently on version 1.1, which added a new scoring system, Facebook sharing to show off those high scores, and a tutorial campaign consisting of seven levels to teach you the ropes.

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