Ebuyer complaints roll in after £1 Cyber Monday fiasco

Site falls over under demand and many customers complain they didn't get what they ordered
Kerry Butters

December 1, 2011

Ebuyer are receiving thousands of complaints after their site crashed during their Cyber Monday sale, in which customers were offered premium products such as laptops for £1.

Not only were many customers unable to reach the site, but many who paid for products they managed to order through Google Checkout later found their order refused.

Many complaints posted on Ebuyer’s Facebook page claimed that the site failed to process orders which used the Google service, which meant that their orders didn’t go through.

Others said that they received an email hours after they had placed an order telling them that they wouldn’t receive the product as it no longer existed on the system, having already been sold.

Ebuyer said that they received “an overwhelming response” to the £1 clearance sale and had “an unprecedented number of visitors” to their site.

They went on to explain that many of the items on sale were from limited stock and they understand that many shoppers had trouble reaching the site in order to take advantage of the offers.

“We understand that many of our customers could not get their hands on these deals, resulting in a degree of disappointment. However, we will be running many more sales and promotions and customers can look out for plenty of amazing offers for the rest of this week and beyond,” they promised.

One shopper said that they had found a way around the problem by buying from the technology retailer through their eBay express page.

Other users on the company’s Facebook page accused Ebuyer of running a marketing scam and deleting customer complaints from the page.

“Here at ebuyer (a website that sells computer parts and specialises in technology) we trick our customers into flooding our website at the same time all for a bogus ‘£1 Clearance Sale’ knowing our servers can’t handle it and only our staff can access the website, using a direct line,” Facebook user Luke raged.

It would seem somewhat short sighted of the company not make provisions for what was bound to be a popular sale.

The upshot of it is that they will now spend a lot of time appeasing furious shoppers, rather than counting what could have been significant profits.


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  1. Dale Pontin says:

    I have been an ebuyer customer for a few years now without too much to complain about until now. I tried to purchase goods from ebuyer on the 19.02.2013 for delivery on the 26.02.2013 their website stated that the product was in stock and they took payment from my bank account. I contacted them on the 22.02.2013 to confirm that the order would be fulfilled and they stated that there was no problem after checking with their warehouse. On Monday the 25.02.2013 they changed the status of my order from pick in progress to order placed on their website all this being done without my knowledge or consent. So I naturally contacted them to try and find out what was going on. They then stated that the item was out of stock despite deceiving me on the Friday prior to that point I then pointed out that they had already taken the payment for Goods and service that they were not able or willing to provide this is Fraud as they knew they were unable to complete the order and they had not even bothered to contact me but just stole my money from my account I informed them that I would begin action against them as they had breached the terms of the contract and the Law as well they had breached the Sale of Goods act the Distance of selling regulations and the Goods and services act. They then requested that I spend more money with them to upgrade the order for a different item to which I refused to do so as a decent company would have offered to upgrade the order at their own expense as Ebuyer have committed fraud clear and simple this call took 21 minutes at 10p a minute I might add. I then received a call back from another adviser who was again uncooperative and again I informed then that I would begin legal proceeding’s against Ebuyer for the cost of the original order as well as replacement goods as they had fraudulently and blatantly breached the contract with myself those proceeding’s are now under way using the above laws. This company are highly unprofessional and just plain dishonest as can be seen by the facts above in short I would not recommend this company but just state buyer beware and take from this information what you will.

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