UK a nation of online shoppers

More and more are flocking to the net to purchase CDs, DVDs and games

December 5, 2011

It seems the UK is rapidly become a nation of online shoppers, with adoption of the use of Amazon, Play and other big e-tailers increasing at a faster pace than the rest of the online world.

This is according to a survey by KPMG which took into account the opinions of nearly 10,000 consumers across the globe, and was highlighted by the BBC.

The research showed that 77%, almost four in five, UK consumers preferred to buy CDs, DVDs, video games and books online rather than in high street shops.

Which is exactly why the likes of HMV are struggling, and currently looking to move into flogging gadgets like tablets rather than DVDs.

The UK figure of 77% is ahead of the global average which is 65%.

Most folks are now also in the habit of looking up reviews and information on prospective purchases online before they buy.

74% of UK consumers also admitted a preference for buying flights and holidays online, and around 60% used online supermarket shopping services.

There was one area where Brits lagged behind the global average for online usage, however, and that’s when it came to mobile banking.

Only a quarter of Brits said that they had used some form of mobile banking within the past six months. Whereas across the world, half of consumers are happy to use mobile banking. This shows a lack of trust in mobile security which UK citizens apparently hold.

Indeed the survey showed an increased concern about potentially having financial details intercepted and privacy issues, with 90% of respondents admitting these were definitely a worry for them.

This isn’t surprising given the amount of high profile company databases which have hacked open this year.


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