Xbox 360 sales boom in the US

Console shifts a ton in Black Friday week, and the Kinect has sold very well too

December 6, 2011

Microsoft is happily boasting about the number of units its Xbox console has shifted in the US last month.

In fact, the so-called Black Friday price slashing week saw the biggest hardware sales ever for the 360.

The company moved almost a million Xbox units and perhaps just as importantly the majority of them went with a Kinect, with some 750,000 motion controllers being sold.

That was for just the one week, with November’s monthly sales weighing in at 1.45 million units according to Wedbush estimates.

That was well ahead of the Wii, which managed to rack up 1.05 million, and almost double the PS3 which notched up 750,000.

The Nintendo DS equalled the PS3 for units flogged, and the 3DS edged both out by tallying 760,000, now moving some consistent numbers since the summer price cut.

However, the Xbox was clearly king last month, ahead of December’s update which arrives today and brings a heap more functionality to the console including full Kinect support across the UI and voice search via Bing.

Not to mention a host of new TV and streaming content which means the Xbox is finally catching up with the PS3 in terms of being an entertainment all-rounder and not just a games machine. Of course, it still can’t play Blu-rays…

It’s particularly interesting to note the spurt of Kinect sales, as the peripheral had slowed up considerably this year after initially getting off to a booming start upon launch last autumn. It should be interesting to see if Kinect sales continue to stay strong going into Christmas.

Microsoft was hoping the Star Wars Kinect game would have been out this Xmas, which would have guaranteed some big sales, but unfortunately for them it’s been pushed back to 2012.


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