Apple TVs sized from 32 to 55 inch?

More speculation abounds regarding Apple's rumoured iTV project
Darren Allan

December 7, 2011

More rumours are now floating around about Apple’s alleged upcoming TV project, or iTV as it has been referred to (a name which will surely have to change).

Last week, we heard speculation about how it’ll be rather Kinect-like in that the set will be loaded with motion sensors to allow for gesture control.

It’ll also have mics on board and be voice controlled via Siri technology, again much like the Xbox is with the new dashboard update and Kinect (which brings voice powered Bing search to the console).

The latest buzz on the iTV comes from an Australian site, SmartHouse, whose Japanese source reckons that the Apple set will come in three different sizes.

The TV range will start at 32 inches and move up to a large screen 55 inch model, with presumably a 42 or 46 inch screen in between. Possibly the latter, because we figure if Apple went for 42 they’d go up to a 50 inch model.

Apparently the set will be graced with the processor which has been designed for the iPad 3, which is allegedly due out spring 2012.

This gathering weight of rumours doesn’t mean that the iTV will come to fruition, of course. Apple rumours are plentiful and quite often false.

If the TV set does exist, though, it’s likely to go up against competition from Samsung and LG’s smart TVs, which are continuing to evolve.

The smart TV is seen as the future and they’re gaining rapidly in popularity – recent figures from IC Insights estimated that 20% of televisions shipped this year were of the smart variety.

And that’s expected to double up to 40% or almost half the market next year. The rumours have Apple’s iTV slated for release in 2013 (or perhaps Christmas 2012), just as the smart TV market is really hitting its stride.

It would be a good time to launch for Apple in that respect. However, the company will have to balance the launch date with the panel cost – certainly given the current economic gloom, a pricey Apple set wouldn’t go far.


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