Kindle Fire coming to UK in January

Rumour has it that the Fire will arrive at the start of next year
Darren Allan

December 7, 2011
Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire launched in the US a few weeks back.

But as to when the UK market can expect to get the device, so far we’ve had the new basic Kindle e-reader over here, but not even a whisper from Amazon as to when the Fire’s going to be lit.

Now that’s changed, and the word on the web is that the Kindle Fire will launch in the UK come January 2012.

This is just a rumour, however, delivered by a source of Know Your Mobile. So take it with the usual pinch of the white stuff.

However, January was pretty much what we were expecting when the Fire was first officially announced back in September.

As to the pricing, there’s no tip as to what that might be. Given the new basic Kindle e-reader is £89 compared to $99 in the US, we can expect a pretty rough translation for the $199 price tag of the Fire. Hopefully it’ll weigh in at £189, a budget tablet proposition indeed.

Since its launch, the Fire has seen a rather mixed reception. Some have praised the level of quality achieved for the money, while others have complained that the device is sluggish compared to the likes of the iPad.

Even so, analysts are predicting that the Kindle will leap into second place in the tablet wars this quarter, shifting some four million units and immediately securing 14% of the market.

The current second place tablet, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, will snare 5% of the market – so the Fire will be the first true rival for the iPad. Albeit still way behind Apple’s slate which is predicted to secure 65% of the market.

When Apple brings out the iPad 3 this spring, it’s thought they may keep the iPad 2 on and lower the price to produce their own more budget oriented offering.


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