Rim blocked from using BBX name

BBX hits trademark trouble as court rules against Rim

December 7, 2011
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2011 hasn’t really been Rim’s year.

The company has seen falling smartphone market share across the globe – if not in the UK – and limp sales for its new tablet the PlayBook. Throw in that major half a week outage in October, and it’s been nasty medicine for the Rim board to swallow.

The great hope for next year is the new operating system, which melds the best bits of the BlackBerry OS and new QNX system (seen on the PlayBook) to make an operating system which works across all devices in an Ice Cream Sandwich style.

This OS was christened BBX – as in BlackBerry, BB, meets QNX – but it seems that the platform is off to an initial false start in that Rim has been denied the ability to use this name.

The problem is that a firm called Basis International already employs the name BBx for a Business Basic interpreter, and has it trademarked.

Upon finding out Rim’s planned OS name, the company took them to court in the US and has now won an injunction which temporarily prevents Rim from using the BBX name.

The injunction will stop Rim from using the BBX moniker at a conference in Asia which got underway today – but apparently a new name has already been drafted in.

According to a report in the Guardian, that name will be: BlackBerry 10.

In other words, it’s back to the plain old number scheme, although we’ve skipped OS 8 and 9 of course.

Whether this is just a temporary name switch, or whether BBX is going to be given up for good as more trouble than it’s worth, we shall have to see.


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