Xbox dashboard update now live

It's a day late, but it's finally arrived albeit without 4oD and indeed iPlayer yet
Darren Allan

December 7, 2011

It was supposed to arrive yesterday, but the Xbox dashboard update has finally rolled up and is available to download now.

The new dash brings a “metro-style” tiled interface to the console, as seen in Windows Phone.

The whole main interface is Kinect enabled, but there are still dead ends where you’ll need a controller, not just your hands, to select things.

Bing powered voice search has also been introduced, so you can shout at your Xbox and get it to search through your library of film, games and other media. Hopefully with it being able to cope with British accents better than Siri does.

LoveFilm support is now on board for movie streaming, and there’s a Sky app too, but much of the TV stuff is still to come. YouTube and Channel 4 on-demand are down as arriving this winter, presumably imminently.

However, the big iPlayer introduction will take longer and won’t happen until early next year. Still, better late than never, and we were beginning to think it would be never.

There’s more new stuff including cloud storage, which offers 512MB to save your games and other important bits to, so no more lugging memory sticks to your mate’s to access your account.

Beacons are another new introduction. They can be used to flag up games you want to play with your friends across the likes of Facebook as well as Xbox Live.


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