Asda selling Kobo e-reader for £67

The battle of the e-readers hots up just before Xmas

December 8, 2011

E-books are likely to have a good Christmas, mainly because e-readers are not only becoming more popular, but also cheaper.

Amazon has just brought out its new Kindle Fire tablet – which is due to arrive in the UK in January – and also a new version of the basic Kindle e-reader which is on sale now.

It’s flogging this at £89, whereas previously the wi-fi Kindle had been around the £110 mark. But there are cheaper quality-made e-readers to be had than even the Kindle, particularly now one supermarket has stepped in and discounted the Kobo.

If you’re not familiar with the Kobo, it’s a Canadian built 6 inch e-Ink slate which boasts a user base of 5 million across the globe, and has just arrived in the UK.

Whereas the retail price is pitched at the same level as the Kindle, well, a quid more at £90, Asda has discounted the device by over £20, offering it for £67. Which is quite a bargain.

The Kobo is very similar in make to the Kindle, but actually offers more books than Amazon’s store, with some 2.2 million titles on offer (and a million free books). It comes preloaded with 100 e-books.

What it doesn’t offer is Amazon’s cloud storage, but the Kobo does have a microSD slot which expands the memory so you can take 30,000 odd books travelling with you.

The Kobo should be on offer with Asda from tomorrow.

WHSmith has also partnered up with Kobo to sell the device in a recent deal, so we should be seeing a lot more of these around the UK.


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