Asus Transformer Prime on schedule

Cost could be an issue, however, as online retailer Clove posts a £550 price tag
Darren Allan

December 12, 2011
Asus Transformer Prime

There have been a flurry of rumours regarding the Asus Transformer Prime tablet recently.

This is a much awaited device which some are calling the first true tablet rival to the iPad because it boasts an impressive spec including a quad-core processor.

Early hands-on reports also suggest it’s very slick – indeed the original Transformer has quite a loyal following already, and has been one of the better performing Android efforts.

So it was disappointing for many to hear that the Transformer Prime was possibly being subject to a delay due to wi-fi issues Asus was having with the hardware.

The good news to emerge at the weekend, however, is that Asus stepped forward to clarify that the tablet is in fact on schedule to ship in the US. And it’s supposed to start shipping at the start of next week, just in time for Christmas.

That’s in the States of course, but any delay with hardware trouble would have effected the UK too.

We’re not getting it before Christmas, sadly, but the positive news over here is that the Transformer Prime should be arriving in January, so not too long afterwards.

In fact the tablet has just gone up for pre-order at online retailer Clove, and on the listing it states that initial stock is expected to arrive in January.

The price for the 32GB wi-fi version of the tablet isn’t cheap, however, with a tag of £550 – although that does include the keyboard dock which allows for the namesake transformation into a laptop.

The equivalent iPad 2 is cheaper at £479, although of course that doesn’t come with the keyboard dock, which equates to much of the difference in price.

Even so, exactly how well the Prime will sell outside of tech enthusiasts who appreciate its beefy spec is a debatable matter given this asking price.

And it’s quite possible even enthusiasts will be waiting to see if the iPad 3 is indeed due out early spring 2012, with its rumoured much higher resolution display.

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