Facebook launches new Android app

Includes improved navigation and a honed messaging system
Kerry Butters

December 12, 2011

Facebook have announced an updated app for Android which includes faster photo viewing, improved navigation and a better messaging system.

The social networking site says that the new app will provide the ability to edit, comment on and tag photos up to twice as fast.

The app has also been altered to move messages and notifications to the top of the screen, ensuring that users can remain on the page they are on and still reply to messages.

A new left hand menu provides access to news feeds, groups, games and apps for ease of navigation.

The site has also introduced a new “Subscribe” button which can easily be added to existing websites for people who want to increase their following, such as journalists.

The feature allows users to share information publicly to people who subscribe to them, whilst retaining the ability to make private posts to share with friends and family.

This enables professionals such as journalists and public figures to widen their audience without any real effort.

Facebook recommends that the new button be added to any posts made on websites they write for next to their name. The plugin can also be added to a main page much as with the current like button.

To enable subscriptions, users should click on the subscribe tab to the left of their profile and click on allow subscribers.

Followers will then receive posts in their newsfeeds and this will also show up in their friend feeds if they comment on or like them.


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