Modern Warfare 3 beats Avatar to $1bn

Call of Duty conquers Avatar, selling through to the billion dollar mark a day quicker

December 12, 2011
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Activision Blizzard has some very happy and very fat cats sat on its board currently.

That’s because the company has just announced a new entertainment sales record achieved by the latest instalment of Call of Duty, which was launched a month ago.

The last we heard of Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 boasts, the game managed to notch up $775 million in worldwide sales in its first five days, overtaking Black Ops which managed $650 million in the same time period.

However, Activision has now announced that Modern Warfare 3 managed to total $1 billion in sales in only 16 days.

Obviously sales slowed considerably after the first week, but that’s always going to be the case as most fans of the series will purchase it immediately or certainly in the first few days.

Call of Duty actually beat Avatar’s record time to hit the $1 billion mark. The 3D alien world spectacular took 17 days to reach the magic number, so Modern Warfare 3 bested it by a day and is now the fastest selling entertainment property ever.

Activision lauded Call of Duty as one of those “rarified group of sustained franchises” which engage tens of millions of folks upon release, comparing it to Star Wars, Harry Potter and the NFL.

The company also pointed to the strength of gaming as a hobby relative to the movies. Box office revenue has been in a state of slight decline throughout 2011, dropping 4%, whereas gaming is still on the up.

A further boast was on hand for Call of Duty Elite, the new online subscription service which launched along with MW3.

Six million players are registered with Elite and over one million subscribers have now signed up to the service. That’s a whole heap of extra dosh on top of the initial sales, with money streaming in on a monthly basis.

One thing’s for sure, and that’s the fact that EA’s rival war shooter Battlefield 3 certainly hasn’t affected MW3 sales.


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