Google Zeitgeist reveals top UK searches

The usual suspects are here, though the fastest rising search was the Royal Wedding in 2011
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It’s the end of the year, and we all know what that means.

Apart from slippery pavements and a bombardment of Christmas songs on the radio and in supermarket aisles everywhere, it’s also the month Google chooses to reveal what the most popular searches of the year were.

And the Zeitgeist for the UK in 2011 doesn’t come with any surprises, with the most performed queries being for the likes of Facebook, eBay and YouTube (though you’d think everyone would have these bookmarked by now).

Although we suspect the true most popular search terms aren’t going to be published by Google.

When it came to celeb searches, the old guard won out, too. Kim Kardashian was number one followed by Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, Scarlet Johansson, Jennifer Aniston and then Britney Spears.

Top travel destination searches were for Las Vegas (evidently we feel the need to win some money, or indeed lose some), New York and then Disneyland Paris (the budget conscious choice).

The top “What is…” search was for AV, the alternative voting system, followed bizarrely by scampi, with plenty of curious people needing to find out what’s on their pub grub plate next to the chips.

The fastest rising search, which gathered pace most quickly about its time of happening, was a predictable one – the wedding. Not a big fat Greek one, but a staid slim English one, that of William and Kate.

The second fastest rising search term was the iPhone 5 (which turned out to be the 4S, of course) and rather surprisingly, FIFA 12. There was evidently a lot of interest in FIFA’s new features, more so than Call of Duty.

Reality TV dominated the fastest rising television searches, with the X Factor top, followed by the Apprentice and then X Factor USA.

Ryan Dunn was the fastest rising celeb search, followed by Adele. Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs and Kate Middleton were also predictable mentions in the top ten (we’re only surprised Pippa wasn’t there).

When it came to movies, the fastest rising search was Breaking Dawn, surprise surprise. That was followed by Final Destination 5 and Mean Girls 2, with the Conan remake, the Inbetweeners and Transformers 3 also making the top ten.

Oh, and the fastest faller when it came to web searches? That’s no surprise, either: Nick Clegg.

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