LG and Intel partner for Wi-Di TV

LG's Cinema 3D Smart TVs to introduce wireless streaming of HD content next year

December 15, 2011
LG Cinema 3DTV

LG and Intel have signed up for a partnership to bring Wi-Di technology to LG’s smart TV range.

Wi-Di stands for wireless display, and it allows the user to wirelessly stream HD content from laptops, tablets or other devices directly to the television.

LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TVs will be the first sets to carry Wi-Di when they come out next year, and the company is planning on showing them off at CES 2012 at the start of January.

Seog-ho Ro, Senior VP of LG’s TV Business Unit, commented: “Through this strategic alliance, CINEMA 3D Smart TV users will be able to access a wider variety of content in a more convenient manner.”

“Intel WiDi will be one of several features that will enhance the user convenience of our CINEMA 3D Smart TVs, further differentiating our products from the competition.”

LG notes that Wi-Di can also be used to bring online content such as streaming broadcasts from the likes of YouTube to the TV set, whisked through the air from your notebook or other device.

The technology doesn’t require a wi-fi network in the home, as Wi-Di establishes a direct connection from the smart TV to the wi-fi chip in the mobile device.

By all accounts, Wi-Di offers some pretty neat quality HD streaming, although we shall have to see the set in action before we judge.

While Wi-Di laptops and plug-in TV solutions have been around for a while now, another benefit of LG’s smart TV solution is that it doesn’t tie up the laptop or other device and force it to display the content being streamed to the screen.

You’re free to multi-task on the computer and go web surfing or running other applications while the content is streamed to the Cinema TV in the background.

As to how much these new LG sets will cost, that’s an unknown currently, although we may get some idea when they’re wheeled out at CES.


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