MySpace exits top 10 UK social sites

Justin Timberlake and Specific Media haven't been able to reverse the trend

December 15, 2011

The demise of MySpace is complete, it would seem.

This year hasn’t been a good one for the site which was once the foremost social network.

At the start of this year, MySpace announced massive job cuts, shedding half its staff. User numbers then started to fall seriously, and Murdoch selling the site off for just $35 million (it cost him $600 million) to Specific Media (and Justin Timberlake) in June hasn’t stopped the rot.

Now Experian Hitwise has declared statistics which show that MySpace has slid out of the top ten UK social media sites for the first time ever.

There are some issues with Experian Hitwise’s rankings, mind you. The top ten social media sites appear to contain some dubiously defined entrants.

Facebook is top with a 52% share of UK visits to social sites last month, then YouTube (23%) and Twitter (just 3%), which is fair enough although we’d still argue YouTube isn’t strictly a social media site as such.

However, there are some far more flexible definitions of social media in the top ten than YouTube. Gumtree for example at number five, Moneysavingexpert at number eight, and Moshi Monsters at number nine (at least the latter has something of a claim).

MySpace has slid from the top ten, although of course it’s equally arguable that it’s no longer a social media site anyway, having repositioned itself as a content portal.

Still, one thing is clear and that’s the fact that it isn’t good news that MySpace can no longer compete with the new number ten site, StumbleUpon, with it’s 0.36% share of UK visits.

Specific Media and Timberlake’s efforts to revive the fortunes of MySpace don’t appear to have worked thus far.

In November, Facebook was up 0.2% on October’s figures, but actually down 5.7% in terms of visits on November 2010. That traffic seemingly all went to YouTube, which was up 6% on last year.

Hitwise also covered search engine stats, with Google remaining firmly king with a 91% search market share. It was up 0.7% on this time last year, with Bing also up 0.5% with a total market share of 3.9%.

Yahoo was third on 2.8%, dropping heavily by almost 1.2% on last year when it was in second place, not Microsoft.


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  1. Kevin says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Specific Media is planning it’s relaunch of MySpace in 2012, so the actual re-design campaign has not been implemented yet. They still are at about 30 Million users per month. Plus your headline is unfair. You claim MySpace has fallen out of the top 10 but you admit the ratings and definitions of Social Media by this service are dubious. People will take note of your headline and not read the article for the fine details. Specific Media has shown itself to be a state-of-the-art company in other areas such as Video Advertising, let’s give it a chance to work out it’s own plan before casing judgement. I do note as a user, they have been working on fixing the .mp3 player.

  2. Adam Smith says:

    Thanks for the comment Kevin, I wasn’t aware that the relaunch was planned for 2012, you’re quite right; good news, hopefully. But SM have had 6 months to try and begin to turn things around, a considerable amount of time to tread water…

    The headlines on TW are short and punchy by design I’m afraid, so discussing the merits of Hitwise’s definition of social media isn’t really going to fit in. I have faith people will read the article if they’re interested in the headline though :-)

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