Facebook rolls out Timeline globally

New profile complete with full chronology of your life is now available worldwide
Darren Allan
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Facebook is now rolling out its new Timeline feature across the globe.

It was first announced as beta testing back in September, and then last week was made available in New Zealand as part of a larger scale test.

Now the Timeline is rolling out worldwide, so you may already have it on your Facebook profile as we type.

If you’ve somehow missed the various announcements about this over the last couple of months, Timeline replaces the existing profile screen with a more detailed affair.

As the name suggests, it provides a chronological account of your life, with a year by year breakdown on the right hand side of the screen.

The idea is that friends can more easily delve into your past, right back to birth, by clicking on a year and seeing important events highlighted. Currently, going back into a person’s past is a clunky and painful affair, clicking repeatedly back through a quagmire of posts.

Although whether some folks will want friends to be able to delve more easily into their past is another question.

However, Facebook has instigated a system whereby people can not only highlight important events they want people to see in their lives, but they can hide events they don’t want viewed.

Although the fact that the system is coming in automatically has caused the usual privacy concerns, as if you aren’t going to comb through your new profile, you might be in for a surprise as to what friends and acquaintances might suddenly be able to access from your past that you might have forgotten all about.

Facebook has given a seven day grace period upon launch, meaning when the timeline goes live on your account, it won’t be public for a week. This is to allow users to organise and vet what appears on it.

While you don’t have to switch to the new profile just yet, apparently everyone will be made to switch in a few weeks time, so this isn’t an optional move.

Responses have been predictably mixed, with some concerned about privacy as mentioned, and the usual cries of “why do you keep messing around and changing things?” are plentiful.

Others, however, are impressed with the new look. The Timeline profile features a large picture for a more magazine style appearance, and certainly looks funkier. And undeniably it makes delving back into the past and important events far easier, obviously, and a process some will doubtless enjoy.

Expect more reaction and Facebook comment flames over the next couple of weeks as the Timeline spreads its chronological tentacles throughout the social network.

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  1. Brian Turner says:

    Looks more like Myspace. Is that really what Facebook want to emulate? :)

  2. Darren Allan says:

    Indeed… :-) A few folks have commented on the resemblance!

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