PS Vita Uncharted details spill out

Golden Abyss will come with a fine-tuned gyro-powered aiming system
Darren Allan

December 16, 2011
PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita isn’t far away from launch now, in fact it’s only just over two months until it hits UK shelves.

The launch line-up of games was detailed last month, including the likes of Wipeout 2048 and Motorstorm RC, but heading up the bill is Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the handheld outing for the star franchise.

And some new nuggets have emerged regarding the implementation of Golden Abyss, which will apparently use motion controls to help with aiming.

The Vita’s gyroscope will allow players to tilt the handheld to fine-tune their aim in a system which is being called “Intu-aim”. You’ll still use the analogue stick for major movements as of course big sweeping turns with your gun via motion control aren’t going to work that well.

It’s going to be an entirely optional system, however, so if you hate the idea of tilt assisted aiming, you can turn it off.

The producer of the game, Darren Yager, noted that players instinctively wave a handheld around when playing a shooter anyway, as if it will help them aim. And in this case, it will, or that’s the theory.

It’s an interesting concept, although watching the person play on a demo video, there’s a lot of the handheld lurching around which looks a bit disorientating.

Of course, it’s different watching someone play than actually playing yourself, and they’re probably exaggerating movements to attempt to show off the system more for the demo.

The graphics look quite tasty, too, certainly for a handheld. In other Golden Abyss news, the Vita version’s campaign is said to be longer than Uncharted 3 on the PS3, and should last over ten hours.

Another launch game has also just been announced for the Vita – Plants versus Zombies, the classic undead tower defence romp.


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  1. David says:

    Uncharted:Golden abyss is a day one get game,am surely getting that game on the day i am getting my ps vita(3G/wifi),what i love most about the game is the many features that the game has plus the stunning graphics of the game

  2. Warcen says:

    yes not long to whait -.-. 2 months serius you have a webside and you dont know that uncharted is a japanese launchtitle that means you can get the game to morrow

  3. Darren Allan says:

    It’s two months to the UK launch of the Vita is what I said, is that incorrect?

    No I didn’t mention importing the console/games, which the majority of people won’t, strangely enough.

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