Battlefield 3 YouTube clip goes viral

Plane combat acrobatics with an ejector seat, although it's been done before...
Darren Allan

December 19, 2011

A YouTube video clip of a stunt in Battlefield 3 has gone viral.

The 30 second clip shows a player called Stun_gravy execute a rather unusual air kill on a plane piloted by a certain Canmen.

Canmen is on Stun_gravy’s tail, when Stun_gravy pulls up hard and then hits the eject button.

Shot up into the air (shouldn’t it be sideways?) Stun_gravy peddles his little legs like crazy while pulling out his rocket launcher, aiming and firing, hitting Canmen’s plane and taking it down.

He then proceeds to fall back into his cockpit and continue flying on his merry way. All to the theme of the A-Team – you can see the video here.

Thus far it has gained nearly six million views, although some folks have been pretty scathing of the level of realism – or lack of it – Battlefield 3 has managed to achieve.

Leading the plane with the rocket certainly involved a bit of luck, but nonetheless, it’s a very impressive clip which is well worth a watch.

The varied and many comments on the video included the likes of: “I don’t normally shoot down jets, but when I do, I prefer ejecting from my own jet, while freefalling and rpging the opponent. Stun_Gravy just set the standard to what is Epic if [sic] BF3, and will go? down in BF3 history” – Mr. Phon3z.

Or the slightly less impressed: “Some dude done it? years ago in 1942!” – Always Bubblin.

And indeed he’s right, you can see the BF1942 clip here. It’s a rather slower rocketing affair, although the timing of landing back in the plane is more impressive. This 2006 clip has racked up 1.6 million views itself.


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