Google to bring out own tablet?

Firm to follow the Nexus smartphone range with its own brand slate?
Darren Allan

December 20, 2011
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Not content with producing its own (Samsung manufactured) smartphone in the Nexus, Google may also be looking to bring out a tablet.

That’s the latest buzz after Ex-CEO and Chairman Eric Schmidt spoke to an Italian newspaper, the Corriere della Sera.

According to Engadget, he was at the opening of company offices taking part in an interview when he said: “In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.”

Of course, that’s a translation, and the word “market” is used as opposed to manufacture or produce – so that could mean Google is going to throw its marketing weight behind a third party slate emerging in 2012.

Or it could mean that Google will actually be producing a Nexus tablet or the equivalent, a flagship product for Ice Cream Sandwich on the slate front.

An expansion on another front wouldn’t surprise us, given that Google is trying to get as many fingers in tech pies as possible of late.

Although the announcement to a low key Italian paper does seem rather odd.

Assuming for the time being that this will be a Google product, as the Nexus is pitched against the iPhone, the tablet will likely be pitched towards the higher end and the dominant iPad.

Which would mean a 10 inch slate which will doubtless boast a quad core processor like the Transformer Prime, and a very high resolution screen, assuming the iPad 3 will up the resolution ante considerably as speculation dictates.

As to who would make the tablet for Google, the company could stick with Samsung, or perhaps this is another reason for the acquisition of Motorola?

Google has yet to officially give any clarification on Schimdt’s comment, but if it’s due in the middle of next year, we should hear about a Google tablet soon enough.


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