TalkTalk top of Ofcom’s complaints table

Virgin is least complained about ISP, with Three the worst performer in the mobile arena

December 21, 2011
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Ofcom has published its latest batch of telecoms complaints data for the quarter leading up to September.

And the bad news for TalkTalk is that, once again, the company is the most complained about ISP by UK consumers.

It’s the fourth quarter in a row Ofcom has published its report, so the data now covers a full year, and in all four quarters TalkTalk has delivered the least customer satisfaction in terms of complaints.

The good news is that the ISP’s complaint levels have dropped from 1.16 customers in 1000 complaining in Q4 2010, to 0.77 this latest quarter. That’s the figure for landline services.

Unfortunately, that’s still miles ahead of the rest of the competition. BT and Sky are on 0.29 and 0.28 respectively, with Virgin Media the top performing firm on 0.19.

Ofcom notes that TalkTalk’s poor performance has been driven by customer service and billing issues.

When it came to broadband, TalkTalk was again top of the table, but this time not by much with a figure of 0.55 (down from a peak of 0.81 in Q1 2011). BT was a close second with 0.5, then Orange on 0.44.

Virgin and Sky had far less broadband complaints, both tied on 0.19.

Mobile providers were also evaluated, and Three came out the worst here with a level of 0.15 complaints in 1000. There’s evidently far less complaining done about mobiles than fixed phone and broadband services.

All the other networks were clustered around 0.6 and 0.7, except O2 which was head of the pack with a low 0.2 complaint level.

Again, Three’s complaints were mostly caused by customer service issues and errant billing.

So to summarise Ofcom’s findings, when it comes to fixed phone and broadband, TalkTalk is the most complained about and Virgin the least. Sky also did pretty well.

For mobile, Three is the worst performer and O2 the best.


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